Why Choose Us?

Time is the most important

We Know flower lost their meaning when time is gone. So, we take seriously care on delivery. We provide extremly reliable service, not only on normal days, but also in the day with weather or unpredictable issues.

Low Complain Ratio:

For the past five years, In our record, the complain ratio is keeping on a very low
Order Missing: <0.1%
Delivery not on time: <0.5%
Typo Mistake: <1%
Flower Problem: <1%
See What Our Customer Comment
This is not only on the normal working days, but also during the very peak seasons.
On Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day of the past 5 years, we didn’t miss any order. 80%+ customers received their flower before 1pm and 99.5%+ of them received their flower before 5pm for daytime delivery. We won’t take order that we cannot complete, so we normally cut off in few days before these special days.

Very Transparent Business:

We operating 3 shop all over Kowloon and Hong Kong Island, customer can visit us during business hour and report if they find any problem in our service and product. We provide exchange guarantee and refund policy for defective product. Customer can contact us on every method and we will take response as soon as possible.
Our price and locations are always transparent for everyone want to find us.

Valuable Price

Our flower source is directly from the flower place of origin instead of wholesaler in Hong Kong. Thus, we get the freshest flowers with the most valuable price.
Our source of origin include Kunming, Taiwan, Netherland, Ecuador and Kenya. All over the world keep us with most stable supplies.

Professional Teams

All of us is full time work in the business but not unprofessional IG shop or amateur treat your order as hobby.
We are professional in the florist industry for profit but not for fun. So we looking for long term and continus customers but not a single time business.
We take care every customers feedback and satificant.

Systematize management

We use many high-tech system to manage your order but not just write on a paper and pin it on the board.
Our system including our website and trello work board arrange all the order in a very clear ways and we can check back all the order within a minute.
This pay us a lot of effort in building these systems. Deiiferent from other florist, we focus on these system rather than just looking on the flowers.
Flower can be meaningless if they send in wrong time and places.

The Team of Polo The Bird Limited do our best on making and delivering floral product with the best quality and accuracy. Deliver your honest most sincere words to your love.

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