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Polo The Bird Limited

Address: Shop G36, Mikiki Mall, 638 Prince Edward Road East, San Po Kong

1. Our shop only provides flower delivery service in Hong Kong. For overseas flower delivery service, you can contact us, and we will deliver it to a local service provider.

2. All prices are in HKD-HK$.

3. The office hours of this site are from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.

4. After receiving the order, our store will confirm the order by phone/email/Whatsapp on the same day. If there is no reply within 24 hours, please call our store for enquiry.

5. All bouquets and flower baskets take time to make. If the customer needs to deliver within two days and the style ordered is not available on the same day (please refer to the same-day flower order page for details), we may not be able to deliver within the time selected by the customer. delivery.
i. Orders for special urgent delivery may be subject to special additional charges (eg. within 4-8 hours of the same day), please contact the customer for details.
ii. We will contact the guest upon receipt of an undeliverable order. If the customer is dissatisfied with the arrangement and requests a refund, the online payment company has charged the handling fee (~5%) and will not be able to refund the customer, so please contact us before placing an order for better arrangements.

6. If you need to change the flower delivery date or delivery time of the ordered flower products (excluding non-flower products), additional flower materials or delivery fees may be charged for changing the order.
For example, if the date of change is within two days, we can generally reserve the order for the customer and send it within two days.

i. If you notify us to change the delivery date (extended more than two days) two working days before (special flower products* or materials ordered more than a week ago ), we will charge a maximum of 30% of the original flower price*. .
ii. Notify us before 7:30 pm the day before delivery or pick-up to change the delivery date (extended by more than two days), or a maximum of 50% of the original flower price * 50% of the flower material and surcharge will be charged.
iii. The delivery date of the order cannot be changed on the day of delivery. If it cannot be delivered, the flowers will be returned or kept at the factory or store, and guests can pick it up within two days. If you need to re-delivery, you can add another shipping fee, which will be charged according to the market price.
|iv. Delivery address and time cannot be change on the delivery date, otherwise additional delivery fee would be charged.

7. If you need to change the greeting card of the flower basket or the greeting card of the bouquet, please make the change at least two working days before the delivery date. Multiple changes or urgent amendments will incur additional charges as follows.
i. We will check the layout of the flower basket greeting card for the customer first. If there is an error after checking, the customer can make a change. If you have any requirements, please ask our customer service when the change is made. If the customer is still not satisfied with the layout of the greeting card, the customer can provide us a Jpg file in A3 size for printing.
ii. After the greeting card is confirmed, it will be handed over to printing. If it needs to be changed again, we may need to charge a fee of $20 for reprinting. Sorry for the inconvenience .
iii. We will print out the greeting card according to the customer’s sentence, and generally do not check it for the customer. If you need to check, you can also contact us.
iv. The card will be printed one day before shipment. If you need to change it, please make it two working days before shipment. For urgent changes, we may charge $20 for reprinting.

8. Flower materials may be in short supply due to seasonality. For non-main flower materials, our store will replace them with seasonal flowers without prior notice.

9. If the recipient is not at the designated place on the designated delivery day, or refuses to accept the product due to personal problems or site problems, we will notify the customer and the product will be returned to our store or factory. If re-delivery is required, the freight will be based on the market price charge.

10 Wrong address If the order customer fills in the wrong address in the order, the flower shop will not be able to make any responsibility and service commitment, please make sure the delivery address is correct

11. Please provide the recipient’s contact number to ensure flower delivery. If it is not necessary, the flower shop will not contact the recipient before sending the flowers.

12. If the Observatory issues a typhoon signal No. 8 or above before 8:00 am on the day of flower delivery, the delivery may not be sent at the original time due to bad weather. We will notify the customer via Whatsapp or other means, and will arrange it on the day after the signal is removed. Send the flowers to the guest’s original address as soon as possible. If the Observatory predicts that the typhoon signal No. 8 or above will be issued during the rest of the time , we will arrange to deliver the flowers as soon as possible before the typhoon is hoisted. If the Observatory issues a black rainstorm warning, we will deliver the flowers to the guest’s original address as soon as the signal is lowered. If you are unable to receive flowers on the same day due to the weather, you can notify us in advance and arrange to resend the flowers within 3 days. Order cancellation will not be accepted.

13. Each of our floral products will be hand-delivered by a special car. Large-scale flowers such as flower baskets and decorations will be photographed for guests to record after they are delivered to the scene. For bouquets and other products that are relatively small or delivered directly to the recipient, the recipient can check them on the spot, and we also make sure to take pictures for the guests before sending them out.

14. Our delivery time may be adjusted appropriately due to different venues , or will be delivered at an appropriate time in advance.

15. If flower products have entered the preparation stage (usually three working days, special flower products or materials ordered earlier than one week), 50% or more of the fee will be deducted for cancellation of the order, and it cannot be cancelled on the day of delivery or pickup . .

16. In case of any disputes, the company reserves the right of final decision.

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